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Kid Approved Paleo Recipe 1 – Fruit Crush

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1 Apples
1/2 Cup Watermelon
1/2 Cup Coconut Flesh
1/2 Cup Coconut Juice
1 Cup Cherries
1 Cup Blue Berries
2 Tbsp Collagen Protein

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Kid Approved Paleo Recipe 1 – Fruit Crush

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The Fruit Crush Adventure-How I Got My Kids Bought In On Paleo

My Paleo ways are starting to pay-off.  We wanted to try to get our kids interested in eating paleo. So, the best way to do that is to let them come up with there on recipes using the foods they like. With that my older son, Graham, has decided to write a kid approved cookbook.  His first recipe is Fruit Crush.  We have used  his fruit crush juice to do all kinds of things like make popsicles, gummies ( require adding gelatin), and smoothies.  And, By adding collagen protein and coconut chunks, there is a balance of fat and protein. It is packed full of nutrition and the kiddos don’t even realize it.  But, Working with a coconut is tricky, so I am going to try freezing the coconut next time to make it easier to hammer off the outer shell.  So, I will post an update on how that goes.

Fruit Crush Recipe

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1 apple
1-2 cups fresh watermelon
1/2 cup coconut juice
1/2 cup of coconut flesh
1 cup frozen cherries
1 cup frozen blueberries
2 tbsp of collagen protein (I use Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate, which is the green label)


First, Blend all ingredients in a high powered blender.  We have a Blendtec, so any equivalent will do.  But, You can put in silicone molds for freezing, serve as a smoothie for the morning rush, or thin out a little with water and keep in the fridge for refreshing juice.  However, Our preference is to use the Popsicle silicone molds (purchased on Amazon) and to eat outside.  Also, The blueberries and cherries make it a deep color that tends to stain.

Paleo kid approved snack that parents will love!

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